I've got your back*

*(and shoulders, legs, neck...you get the picture!)

Sports massage in York for everyone from competitive athletes to busy humans.

Based in beautiful York, I'm a level 3 sports massage therapist with a passion for helping others to enjoy what they love, be it running, hiking, or simply chasing around after the kids! I'm Mum to two energetic (yet gorgeous!) young boys and  as a ten times marathoner and ultra runner, I know first hand how injuries can really impact you doing what you love; whether it's for your mental health, some 'me' time, self improvement or at a competitive level. Let's work together to sort out those niggles, aches and pains before they become more serious.


Meet your Sports Massage Therapist

Hi, I'm Rachael!

What is it that you love?

It may be a sport, or something as simple as chasing the kids around. You might be aware of feelings of tightness, or not being as mobile when moving in certain ways. Perhaps you have a desk-based job or perform a lot of repetitive movements. Either way, the things we do on a day-to-day basis (some of which we might not even realise we do!) can have a huge impact on how well and for how long we can do those things that we love.

Sports massage can help in so many ways. It truly is for everyone, no matter how you like to spend your time.

Sports massage is for everyone. Let me help you to continue doing the things you love…whatever they may be.

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So what on earth is Sports Massage?


about sports massage

The whole experience was lovely; Rachael is super welcoming and provided an assessment first using her knowledge to explain various issues. The massage itself was really pleasant, relaxing but also targeting and working on key pressure points where I had been feeling tension. I left feeling very relaxed and released!

- Izzy


Rachael is a friendly and professional therapist. I’m so pleased with the improved range of movement in my right shoulder!

- Louise


Great treatment with the right blend of professionalism and putting someone new at ease. I felt confident in the assessment of my issues, and Rachael explained the treatment and follow up for those issues. The treatment itself was really good! I felt warmed up and relaxed and there was good pressure on the focus areas.

- Pierre


Rachael did a great job at releasing tension in my left shoulder and back. I also felt really relaxed throughout the massage.

- Sam