Based in beautiful York, I'm a level 3 sports massage therapist with a passion for helping others to enjoy what they love, be it running, hiking, or simply chasing around after the kids! I'm Mum to two energetic (yet gorgeous!) young boys and as a ten times marathoner and ultra runner, I know first hand how injuries can really impact you doing what you love, whether it's for your mental health, some 'me' time, self improvement or at a competitive level. Let's work together to sort out those niggles, aches and pains before they become more serious.

After living in York for most of my life, I moved to Cairo in December 2008 to work as a teacher at an international school. This really sparked my love of travel and I explored as much of the world as possible during the holidays. In 2011 I moved to Dubai where I spent 9 years and had my first child. I then spent 2 years in Portugal (and had another baby!) but have returned back to my roots, children in tow, to the place I love the most...Yorkshire!

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My favourite weekend activity:

Going for a morning run before returning to a yummy breakfast and playtime with my two boys.

The running community and how encouraging it is.

Traveling to different places, whether near or far.


Good Coffee

Taking in the Yorkshire scenery

“There are a million reasons why you can’t. Focus on the few reasons why you can.”

- Kara Goucher, Olympian

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Despite enjoying running when I was younger and taking part in a few events in my early twenties, it wasn't until 2011 that I really got into it, initially doing all of my runs on a treadmill when I lived in Cairo!

In 2012 I completed my first official half marathon and also experienced a sports massage for the first time. Following on from this, I ran my first marathon in 2013 and have since run 9 more, my last one being Boston Marathon in 2019 when I was pregnant with my first child.

My love of running inevitably came with injuries and niggles, which lead to physio appointments and plenty of sports massages. I began to see the benefits of regular sports massages in order to ward off injuries and improve my running, and became fascinated with the human body and how it works. I was never one to lay quietly during a massage appointment. I had so many questions about which muscle does what and how the massage therapist could identify and treat dysfunctional tissue.

When I moved back to the UK after 13 years abroad, I decided to learn even more by signing up for a Level 3 Sports Massage course. From here my interest grew even further and I have lots of exciting things planned for the future and more courses planned, including my level 4 qualification. For now, I'm excited to be building my network of wonderful clients and practitioners, helping people just like me who want to do what they love for as long as possible.

A LITTLE MORE ABOUT my love of running led me to sports massage!

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Did you know that sports massage is not just for athletes? It can help a much wider range of people.

I love running. It’s probably what I’m best known for in my day-to-day life and local community. Having being something of a runner at school, I rediscovered my love of the sport in 2011 when I was living in Cairo, Egypt. In 2013 I ran my first marathon, and have run nine marathons since, knocking 45 minutes off my time!

I have also become fascinated with the world of ultra-running, having competed in the 2 Oceans 56km event in Cape Town, and running the infamous Comrades Marathon (90km) two years in a row.

I’ve had my fair share of running highs and lows over the years; the highs including my marathon PB in Tokyo and running the Comrades Marathon (90km) twice. However, I also had a disaster at Berlin Marathon when I fell significantly short of the time I was aiming for and walked for most of the last 8km…when I was interviewed on German TV (facepalm). Getting back into fitness after having children has also been challenging, but it has also given me the drive and determination to succeed more than ever.

Throughout all the chaos and the ups and downs that life brings, running has remained my one constant. It helps you to recognise that you are stronger than you think, and that, given dedication and a willingness to adapt, we are capable of so much more than we could ever imagine.

Running can have such a huge impact on your life in so many ways, from travel to mental health. That’s why I love helping others to keep running by addressing any dysfunctions, aches and tightness before they become more serious and turn into an injury. Of course, you don't have to be a runner to come and see me, but if you are a runner, I totally understand all the trials and tribulations that come with our sport.

More about my running experience

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