To make a booking or if you have an enquiry, please contact me by email at You can also get in touch via my contact page.

Booking your massage is simple.

If you are a new client, welcome! Here's an overview of what you can expect in your sports massage appointment with me. This appointment will last approximately 75 minutes and costs £50.

After your massage...

I will begin by taking a couple of important details before delving into your lifestyle. What do you do for a living? What's your exercise routine like? Any hobbies or interests? Do you eat a varied, healthy diet? Whilst this may seem like a lot, it really helps give me an insight into how you spend your day to day life, which can in turn result in imbalances and niggles.

We'll then have a brief discussion about any aches and pains you have, where they are and how long they've been there for! Following this, I'll conduct a brief postural assessment and a range of movement assessment, palpating any areas that look like they may be troublesome. This will help to guide me in the massage and will form a part of your overall treatment plan.

Then it's time for the massage itself! In your first appointment, this will take about 45 minutes and will generally be full body, although more time will be spent on any problem areas if necessary, meaning less time on the areas that aren't so bothersome. I'll also use some stretching techniques if necessary.

You should feel relaxed and 'released'! 

Be sure to take the rest of the day to relax if possible (no heavy workouts) and drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins.

You may feel slightly sore in some areas. This is normal and should disappear after a day or so. If you'd prefer I go much lighter during the massage, then please just let me know beforehand.

Try to do the exercises I give you at home. This should be a 'little and often' approach.

Book in for a follow up appointment if you wish!

After the massage, I'll give you a minute to get up and have some water before we conduct a brief re-assessmnent, looking again at posture and movement in those areas that we identified as having issues. You should see some improvement straight away!

Finally, I'll give you a couple of exercises to do at home to help keep those niggles at bay, and you'll have the opportunity of booking your next appointment, if you wish.

What to expect in your Sports massage


The nitty gritty...terms & conditions, cancellations & inappropriate behaviour.


Bookings can either be made through Fresha or via Rachael directly. To do this, please either visit the contact page and leave a message, email, or send a DM on Instagram @sportsmassagebyrachael.

All clients will be required to fill out a consultation form and consent form prior to any treatment commencing. This can either be done in advance (saving time in your appointment) or at the start of your appointment. Consultation/consent forms will be emailed to you upon booking.

If you are sixteen years of age or younger, a parent/guardian will be required to fill in the consent form on your behalf, and they should also be present at the appointment itself.

There may be instances when a full sports massage cannot be given due to disclosures made during the consultation. In this case, a light massage will be given instead and you will be advised to seek a doctor’s approval. If you have any conditions that you know may need a doctor’s approval for a sports massage to go ahead, please try to seek this in advance.

Please be on time for your appointment. If you are late, I will not be able to add time on to your appointment as this will cause delays for subsequent clients. Full payment will still be required.


Payments are required in advance and can be made via bank transfer. Details will be provided upon booking.


If you need to cancel your booking, please do so as soon as possible. Late cancellations (within 24 hours of the booking time) and no-shows will result in the forfeit of the booking fee. If you are a regular client and it is a genuine emergency, exceptions can be made.

Inappropriate behaviour

Rachael is a professional, accredited and qualified sports massage therapist, and inappropriate behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated.

Any kind of inappropriate behaviour, be it physical, verbal or sexual, will signal the end of the appointment immediately and the client being reported. Full payment will still be taken. This also includes the sending of explicit messages and emails prior to or after the treatment.