Initial consultation & sports massage

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45 minutes sports massage

One hour sports massage

How much is a sports massage?

The initial consultation and sports massage is for all new clients or those who have not had a sports massage with me recently. 

The appointment will consist of a consultation, postural assessment, range of movement assessment and  40-45 minute massage. I will then reassess your posture and range of movement before giving you some exercises to do at home.

The appointment length in total is approximately one hour and 15 minutes.

To find out more about what to expect in your first appointment, click the link here.

The one hour sports massage appointment will consist of a much briefer consultation (5-15 minutes) with the rest of the time dedicated to the massage itself. 

You may opt for a full body massage, or choose to focus on lower body/upperbody.

The 45 minutes sports massage is for regular clients.

Gift vouchers and massage packages are also available.

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